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Make a difference in the lives of girls…and they’ll make a great difference in yours!

Inspire Girl Greatness

Volunteering with Girl Guides of Canada is a rewarding way to help girls and young women develop the best in themselves. The dedication and commitment of our volunteers helps girls develop the qualities and skills that will take them through life and allows Girl Guides to offer fun and relevant programming to over 70,000 girls across Canada.

Benefits of Volunteering

When you volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada, not only do you enrich the lives of girls, you gain a personally rewarding experience. Take advantage of the personal and professional development opportunities that Guiding offers:

  • Develop skills in areas such as leadership, event planning, advocacy, communications and more
  • Mentoring and training programs
  • International travel
  • Post-secondary scholarships 

Ways to Volunteer

No matter how much time you have to give, there’s a place for you in Guiding. Whether you choose to work directly with girls in a Unit, spend a few hours volunteering at an event, hold an administrative position or act as an adviser in an area of expertise, we offer a variety of ways to volunteer that will fit your schedule and match your interests.

Work with Girls

Unit Guiders deliver programming directly to our girls on a weekly basis. Unit Guiders are one of GGC’s most valuable resources, and are the face of Guiding.

Administrative Opportunities

There are a number of ways to volunteer in an administrative capacity at GGC. Work as an Adviser (international travel, camping, program, public relations, communications, etc.) to help plan program delivery. Or work as an Area Commissioner, a leader for a provincial council/district/area.

Membership Opportunities

If you are unable to volunteer with girls or in an administrative capacity, consider supporting the organization in one of our age-specific membership groups: Link (women 18-30 years) and Trefoil Guild (women over 30 years).

For more information on ways to volunteer in your community, contact your Provincial Office or view National Volunteer Opportunities within the organization.

Become a Volunteer

Adults who wish to volunteer with Girl Guides of Canada must complete a two-step application process.

  1. Registration
    • Complete an application form
  2. Screening
    • Interview and Orientation to Guiding
    • Two Reference Checks
    • Immediate Police Records Check (PRC) and once every five years thereafter

Note: Some volunteer positions have required training.

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