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Register for Girl Guides of Canada

Register for Girl Guides of Canada

Online Registration will not be available on Thursday, February 15th between 7:00am to 9:00am EST due to system maintenance.
Online registration is currently closed.

If you would like to register by paper application for the current (2017-18) Guiding year, please contact your local Guiding Office at 1-800-565-8111.

Click here for info about registration for 2018-19 (programs starting in Fall 2018)

If you are new to the Online Registration system, you will need to set up a Family Account:

New To Girl Guides

If this is your first time registering a girl with Girl Guides of Canada, please click the button below to create your family account.


Click here to Find a Group [Unit] in your area. You will still be able to create an account from the group details page.

Returning To Girl Guides
Before you begin, you will need to have the following information:

  • Username and Password: The email address and password you used to create your account.
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  • Membership Number: Each girl has their own membership number. Check your previous year's registration email for the information.
    Forgot membership number

  • Birth Date: The girl's birthdate.

  • Payment: We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Have all the above? Now you can register!

    Have a question?

    We are here to help! Answers to the most common questions we have received can be found in the Registration FAQ. If you can't find what you are looking for contact us by email or phone and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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    Technical Information

    1. We recommended using the following browsers: Google Chrome, FireFox 3.6 or higher, Safari 2 or higher, and Internet Explorer 8 or higher.
    2. If using Internet Explorer (IE), you will need to "Allow Blocked Content" or "Allow Pop-ups" to be able to use the Unit Finder map.
    3. Need help? View our Online Registration Frequently-Asked-Questions.


    1. Payments can be made by Visa/MasterCard credit cards, PayPal (what is PayPal?) or Visa/MasterCard Prepaid cards. Please note that not all Visa/MasterCard Prepaid cards are accepted and it is advisable to use credit cards or PayPal. You will be required to enter the 3-digit security code found on the back of the credit card.
    2. A handling fee of $4.00 will be applied to each payment transaction.
    3. Refunds are available in some cases with provincial approval. Processing is done by the provincial office by calling 1-800-565-8111. To ensure timely processing please provide ALL requested information.

    Refund Guidelines

    • A full refund will be issued if Girl Guides of Canada is unable to provide placement in a unit or a unit is closed due to low enrollment or unforeseen circumstances.
    • A full refund less $20 administration fee will be issued if the parent/guardian notifies the local Guiding office of the cancellation/withdrawal prior to the start of the fifth scheduled unit meeting.
    • In cases where a girl joins after the unit meetings have started, refund will only be considered prior to the fifth scheduled unit meeting from her date of joining. Refund is not based on attendance at the unit meeting.
    • Parents/guardians can contact their local Guiding office at 1-800-565-8111 for assistance to request a refund.
    • Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.
    • After a refund is issued, an automatic receipt will be sent to parent/guardian email address on file.
    1. Fee subsidies are available online for families in Ontario and Nunavut. Families in other provinces who wish to apply for financial assistance should contact their local Guiding office.

    Other Information

    1. The Online Registration System is now available in French. Click here. Le Système d'inscription en ligne est maintenant disponible en français. Cliquez ici.
    2. If you are renewing a registration for an existing girl member, you will need her membership number. This number is provided to you in the re-registration email reminder sent to parents in March via email or letter mail. You can also search for the number through your Family Account.
    3. GGC wants to ensure your daughter/ward has the opportunity to participate fully as a member. If she has any disabilities that may require accommodation, disclosing them will help us to place her in the best unit for her needs. If you wish to discuss any accommodation needs with a GGC representative to help find the best unit for your daughter/ward, you can contact your local Guiding office at 1-800-565-8111.
    4. Please note that GGC will not be able to process your registration over the telephone.
    5. To contact us, please click here.

    Subsidy Information

    Fee Subsidies

    The online Fee Subsidy Application is currently available only for families in Ontario and Nunavut. Families outside of Ontario and Nunavut should contact their local Guiding office at 1-800-565-8111for information on how to apply for financial assistance.

    The Fee Subsidy program for girl registration is intended to provide financial assistance to girls who would otherwise not be able to join Guiding due to lack of funds.

    1. Submit one Fee Subsidy Application per family
    2. Immediately see if you qualify for Fee Subsidy ($100/girl)
    3. Complete the registration by paying the balance owing by credit card or PayPal

    Note: Registration is not complete and your daughter/ward is not placed in the unit until payment has been processed.

    You may only submit the Fee Subsidy Application form once. If you make an error or wish to discuss or appeal the results please call 1-877-323-4545 ext 2489. Applications will be considered on an ongoing basis while funds are available.Please note: Girl Guides of Canada, Ontario Council reserves the right to request documentation supporting the information disclosed on the Fee Subsidy form.

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